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Hendrick de Keyser and his Contemporaries

Hendrick de Keyser ( 1565 -1621)
and his Contemporaries.

A few random jottings -

Isaac James fl. 1600 still living 1625/5
described as tomb maker in contemporary contracts

Was in partnership with Bartholomew Atye (d.1616) 1600 - 02.

Married Anna Manjet at the Dutch Church, Austin Friars April 1603.

His possible master a Brabanter named Richard Stevens (1542 - 92) of Southwark. info Whinney questioned by Adam White - no evidence - but certainly a possibility given the Dutch connections and possible family home in Southwark

He was living in the Parish of St Martin in the Fields by 1600 and appears in the Parish Rate Books from 1601 - 1624 - 25, listed under the Waterside Ward close to the sculptor William Ward.

Descended from James van Hawstert (Haastrecht a town near Gouda) who came to England in the reign of Henry VIII

Father perhaps William James an inhabitant of the Parish of St Mary Overy, Southwark, who retained strong Dutch connections - his will drawn up in Dec. 1595, proved the next year  mentions a son Isaac a brother in law in Delft and a cousin called Roger (van Haestrecht?) and mentions a bequest to the congregation of the Dutch Church at Austin Friars.

A probable descendant of  dutch immigrant James van Hewstert (a corruption of Haastrecht).

Documented works of Isaac James -

1. 1600 - 1 Sir Edward Denny and his wife, Waltham Abbey, Essex in partnership with Bartholemew Adye.

2. 1601 - 2 Sir Richard Kingsmill Highclere, Hampshire, with in partnership with Bartholemew Adye.

3. c.1611 Henry Lord Norris and family, Westminster Abbey

4. 1613 - 14 Sir Thomas Walmesley, wife and son Thomas St Mary, Blackburn (destroyed)

5. 1614 - 16 Henry Earl of Northampton Formerly St Mary in Castro, Dover, dismantled and partly lost. with Nicholas Stone the Elder

Above info from A Biographical Dictionary of London  Tomb Sculptors - c 1560 - c. 1660. by Adam White, Walpole Society Journal, 1999.


Nicolas Stone 1586? - 1647.

see - A biographical Dictionary of London Tomb Sculptors. c.1560 - c. 1660. Adam White. Walpole Society Journal 1999


Henrick de Keyser
Johannes Meyssens
engraving 1662
162 x 113 mm.

Hendrick de Keyser
Jonas Suyderhof after T de Keyser
with a dedication by the poet Joost van den Vondel - (1587 - 1679).
Vondel wrote many satires criticising  the Calvanists and extolling the virtues of Oldenbarnevelt
(see below bust of Oldenbarnevelt


72.5 cms


Bust of Piet Heyn (d.1628).
Attrib to Hendrik de Keyser II
Height 80 cms.

Piet Heyn became a seaman at a young age. When he was fifteen years old, he was taken prisoner by the Spanish and made to serve two years as a galley slave. After his release, Heyn pursued a career in the merchant marine: he held high-ranking positions in the Dutch West India Company. In 1628 he captured a Spanish treasure fleet (known as the ‘Silver Fleet’) off the coast of Cuba. A year later he perished at sea.


Currently described by the Rijksmuseum as Vincent Coster
by Hendrick de Keyser
Height 75 cms.

William I Prince of Orange
Hendrick de Keyser
c. 1615 - 20

Jan de Bisschop
Drawing of the Bust of Pieter Adriaenz van der Werff (1529 - 1603) 
after Hendrick de Keyeser ( bust disappeared).
Pen and brown ink over black chalk
212 x 133 mm
Sotheby's Amsterdam. lot 122, - 29 April 2014.


Johann van Oldenbarnevelt



Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Jan Gaspar Gevartius - Engraved by Paulus Pontius after Rubens

Jan Gaspar Gevartius - 
Engraving by Paulus Pontius 
after Peter Paul Rubens.

Depicted with a bust of Marcus Aurelius

314 x 211mm

Portrait of Gevartius 
c. 1630

Koninklijk Museum voor Scone Kunsten, Antwerp

Hubertus van den Eynden
Engraving by Lucas Vorsterman 
after Anthony van Dyck

Hubertus van den Eynden

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Portrait of Andreas Colijns de Nole, Pieter de Jode (II), after Anthony van Dyck, 1628 - 1670

Portrait of Andreas Colijns de Nole,
 Engraving Pieter de Jode (II), 
after Anthony van Dyck, mid 17th century


Hendrick van Baelen - Paulus Pontius after van Dyck

Hendrick van Baelen (1575 - 1632) - 
Sketched and Painted by Anthony van Dyck
Engraved by Paulus Pontius after Anthony van Dyck.

Painter and Stained Glass Artist.
Pupil of Adam van Noort
Teacher of van Dyck


Anthony van Dyck
24.4 x 19.7 cms
c. 1627 - 32

J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Calif.

Anthony van Dyck
Boughton House, Kettering, Northamptonshire.

Continuing the theme of Sculpture portrayed in paintings and engravings.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Engraving by Bernard Picart

Bernard Picart (1673 - 1733).

Busts of Paul Scarron (1610 - 60) dramatist, and poet with Seneca
73 x 137 mm.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Johann Platzer - The Sculptors Studio

The Sculptors Studio.
by Johann Platzer (1704 - 61).
Oil on Copper
646 x 883 mm
signed JG Plazer
c 1730.

Continuing with the theme of Sculpture illustrated in other mediums.

Johann Platzer - Austrian