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Henri IV on the Pont Neuf, Paris done

The Bronze Equestrian Statue of Henri IV (1553 - 1610).
on the Pont Neuf, Paris.
Originally commissioned from Giamblogna by
Maria di Medici the wife of Henri IV and Regent of France unveiled 3 August 1613.
and completed by Pietro Tacca
the Slaves by Pietro Francavilla
Erected 1618.
Destroyed in the revolution in 1792

Mid 19th Century photograph of the 1818 replacement statue
by Francois Frederic Lemot of Henri IV.
Pont Neuf (New Bridge) Paris.
begun by Guillaume Marchand and finished by Jaques Androuet de Cerceau

Crop from the  above engraving.

 Engraving by P Brissart
Etching by Jaques Callot c.1629
View of Paris from the Pont Neuf; a statue of Henri IV beyond a small building on the bridge near the centre foreground, figures, including one on horseback at r, the river with buildings to left and right beyond Pen and brown ink, touched with brown wash
Drawing by Israel Sylvestre
177 x 430 mm.
British Museum.
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Crop from above
Image result for Pont Neuf Paris gravure
Isreal Silvestre.
View of the Pont-Neuf on the Seine in Paris.  c.1750  Engraving
Anon. Pub Georg Merz
 Augsburg c. 1740 - 60.
169 x 200 mm
British Museum 
Pont Neuf with the statue of Henri IV
From the Original birds Eye View Map by Turgot.
Birds Eye view by Matthias Merrian
Pont Neuf witrh the statue of Henri IV 
Nicolas Jean Baptist Raguenet
 Image result for Embarras de Paris Pont Neuf
Jean - Baptiste Lallemand
Royal Collection.

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