Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Larson Equestrian Statue Redux.

The Larson Equestrian Statue Redux.
The Dublin Bronze Statuette
Set up in 1686.
Thrown into the River Tyne in 1688.
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William (Willem) Larson Statue of Jame II set up on Sandhill, Newcastle upon Tyne.
59 x 49.4 cms
Bronze Equestrian Statuette of James II
Willem Larson
64 cms tall.
National Gallery, Dublin.
Photographed by the author 5 October 2016
The author apologizes for the poor quality of the photographs.
The light was very low and the statuette was displayed in a glass case which only allowed for viewing from the front and left side further hampered by the reflection of the glass in front of it. .

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