Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Images of Nicolas & Guillaume Coustou

Nicolas & Guillaume Coustou.

Continuing the theme of engraved and painted images of Sculpture.

Poss. Nicolas Coustou but perhaps the sculptor Rene Fremin
Nicolas de Largilliere  (1656 - 1746)
Gemalde Galerie, Berlin


Portrait of French sculptor Nicolas Coustou, half-length directed to left, looking to front, his left hand resting on the head of a statue and holding a mallet; lettered state.  1730 Engraving

Nicolas Coustou
after Jean le Gros.
398 x 282 mm
Charles Dupuis.

British Museum

Bust of Nicolas Coustou by Guillaume Coustou.


Portrait of French sculptor Guilaume Coustou the Elder after Delyen, half-length directed to right, looking to left, his right hand on his hip, wearing periwig, open shirt and unbuttoned jacket; in oval on a ledge also supporting some sculptor's tools and a sculpted head.  1730 Etching and engraving

Guillaume Coustou
after Jaques Francois Delyen
Nicolas de Larmessin III

357 x 244 mm

British Museum

Self Portrait Largilliere in his Studio

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